Two brands Makro İnşaat and Akyapı İnşaat that have high experience and put signature to successful works in construction sector for years have the excitement of progressing with a perfect harmony

In union of forces of Makro Construction and Akyapı Construction that win great general approval with the infrastructure and superstructure projects such as housing, shopping center, trade center, school, hospital, mosque, factory, subway station, office, road, environment planning, etc. they have performed separately at home and abroad, spaces of the future are enlivened.

Makro Construction and Construction having experience of total 3.000.000 m² completed construction area in total so far maintain their studies at full pelt in order to present various projects that will leave an important mark in the life of thousands of people. Satisfying its investors with Bahçetepe İstanbul, Giriş Kayaşehir and 540-4 Parcel Trade Portal Projects, Makro&Akyapı Joint Venture blends architecture of the future with family values and offers one project more to you that will add extra value.

Seyran Şehir springs to life in the core of Kayaşehir...