The foundations of Emlak Konut, one of the most rooted establishments of the sector was laid in 1953. Since the day it was founded, it has adopted bringing Turkey together contemporary living areas constantly as principle. Ataköy project in İstanbul and Oran and Elvankent projects in Ankara has become the most concrete samples of this understanding. Besides, these projects are ranked as first representatives in Turkey of contemporary city understanding. Thanks to the knowledge it has gained in years and the technical structure, Emlak Konut has made important contributions for shaping of new settlement areas, putting its signature on many significant projects.

Emlak Konut turning into Real Estate Investment in 2002 has become the largest real estate investment company of Turkey today.

Emlak Konut is one of rare examples that discipline of state institutions meets with sense of special sector. It has brought many innovations to Turkey, following the construction technologies in the world closely.

Emlak Konut has made no concessions for its effort to move the bar one step higher for each new project, especially with the great scale projects it has produced and realized their tenders from 2003; it has proved being a key establishment in real estate sector.

With the aim of sustaining fast growing at the point reached, Emlak Konut was offered to public in 2010. With Emlak Konut public offering that attract more interest than expected, Turkish record is broken for domestic individual investor demand and one of the biggest 5 public offering of history of the Republic is made real. 2,3 fold demand came to stocks during secondary public offering which was organized in November 2013 and Emlak Konut public offering that international investors more than 100 from 20 different countries was interested in become the largest public offering made in capital increase in Middle East Europe, Middle East and Africa region.